Are You a Jewish Parent with a Child in Public School?

Give your child the gift of a rich education at a Jewish private school.
They’ll receive tools for success while strengthening their heritage.

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In Jewish private schools, children enjoy the best of both worlds getting a high-quality academic education while also studying core Jewish subjects. Children learn to strive for academic success while being enriched with Jewish traditions and values.

About Jewish Education Initiative (JEI)

At JEI, our goal is to help parents find a warm and welcoming Jewish private school for their child. We want your child to grow and reach their full potential both academically and socially.

We utilize various sources of grants to help parents move their children from public school into a private Jewish school without worrying about the financial burden of a private school. These grants come from:

Government grants

Local Jewish school grants

Jewish organization grants

Tuition assistance programs for Jewish education and more.

Because money should never be the reason a Jewish child doesn’t get a great Jewish education!


Jewish Pride

Higher Academic Standards

Individualized Attention

Parental Involvement

Appropriate Experiences

Strengthening of Heritage

Loving Environment

Safe Environment

Strong Sense of Community

Jewish Values

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“Now that my child goes to a Jewish day school, I feel calm and confident when my child is not with me. A Jewish day school is going to give my child experiences that are more aligned with our values and with what we feel is appropriate.”


“We believe that a Jewish school is the best opportunity to give our kids the tools they need to be proud to be Jewish, to be a contributing member of the Jewish community, to take pride in their history and to understand their role in the Jewish world.”


“There should be more to a child than just their math skills. Jewish school opens up children to understand that there is more to life than just getting ahead or being first. There is interaction with people, feeling compassion for people. This is what they learn in a Jewish school.”


“My son went through bullying and antisemitism in public school. After switching him to a private Jewish school, he finally feels comfortable in a warm and loving environment. After 3 years in his new school, I’m yet to hear a complaint from him or any of the other parents I’ve met.”

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